Acquire Activate
Step 1. Acquire a Card   -   Each fundraising participant gets their card
for only $20!
We have found that the best way to get the best results with a fundraiser if all of the people selling has an actual metal ZBlackcard to show people.  To make it easier to get the fundraiser started we discount the price of our card from the $49.95 retail price to $20.  This makes it fast an easy for the people in the fundraiser to get a card quickly so that the fundraiser can begin.
A. Have all of the sellers turn in $20 to the fundraiser coordinator who in turns provides us with each sellers name, date of birth, email address and phone number.
B. Each seller will receive a card with their name on it plus they will each get a Rewards Brochure with an envelope to collect the money.  Each envelope contains a simple sales script the sellers can use to sell more cards.
C. For fundraisers we discount the cost of our metal card from $49.95 to $25!  This is a 50% savings over our retail price for the card alone.  The card will still have a $49.95 activation fee but that is not paid until the person receives their card and goes to our ZBlackCard website to activate their card.
D. We have the world’s only ultra elite prepaid Mastercard made out of metal.  At only $25 it basically sells itself.  All your sellers have to do is show their card and drop it on a table so that people can hear the distinct CLANG it makes to get the orders.
Step 2. Incentives   -   The more incentives the more the fundraiser makes!
Incentives are by far the best way to increase the total number of sales your fundraiser produces!  We have put together an incentive plan that rewards everyone who has just 1 sale as well as those who go all out to generate tons of sales.
A. When a seller makes 1 or more sales we waive their $49.95 activation fee.
B. When a seller makes 5 sales we will add $25 to their ZBlackCard.
C. When a seller makes 10 sales we will add $50 to their ZBlackCard.
D. When a seller makes 20 sales we will add $100 to their ZBlackCard.
E. When a seller makes 30 sales we will add $150 to their ZBlackCard.
F. When a seller makes 40 sales we will add $250 to their ZBlackCard.
G. When a seller makes 50 or more sales we will add $500 to their ZBlackCard.
Step 3. Fundraising Group   -   It's time for a fresh new exciting fundraiser!
Example of how much can be raised by a senior class with 500 sellers and each person averaging only 5 sales.
A. 500 sellers X 5 sales = 2,500 total sales
B. 2,500 sales X $25 per sale = $62,500 in gross sale
C. 2,500 sales X $5 per sale = $12,500 in student incentives
D. 2,500 sales X $5 per sale = $12,500+ in profits to the school
E. 2,500 sales X $2 per sale = $5,000 in commissions for the Affiliate
As you can see our ZBlackCsrd is so powerful that it can easily be used as a fundraising product that can be very profitable to all parties, the school the students and the Affiliates.
To speak to an Affiliate about a ZBlackCard fundraiser please click on the link below.
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