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How It Works
Step 1. Acquire a Card   -   Our Metal Mastercard is the best prepaid card in the world.
There are 5 ways to get a ZBlackCard and all five require that you be invited by a current card holder.  If you want a card and you do not have an invitation from a card holder please click the link below to find a card holder near you.
A. You can join our $20 monthly VIP Card Holder Club and get a Metal ZBlackCard Mastercard along with 1 ZLicense sleeve and 1 ZPetTag.  Once your card arrives you simply pay the $49.95 fee to activate your card.
B. You can order your card by clicking on the Acquire button on this website then pay a $49.95 deposit and then pay the $49.95 balance to activate your card when it arrives.
C. You can order your card by clicking on the Acquire button and paying $89.95 plus shipping and handling for a total of $99.95.  We will ship you your card with no additional fee needed to activate it.
D. You can order your card offline from an Affiliate or through a Fundraiser.  When you receive your card you will need to click on the Activate button and pay your $49.95 balance to activate your card.
E. You can join us as an Affiliate and order your card from your back office.  Affiliate plans range from $99.95 to $499.95.  The greater the plan you choose the more you can earn in bonuses.   To join us click on the BECOME AN AFFILIATE link below.
VIP CARD HOLDER CLUB   -   ZBlackCard holders that opt in to our $20 per month club can qualify for Elite Rewards and Monthly Cash Bonuses.
As a VIP CARD HOLDER you can easily position yourself to earn a monthly income large enough to pay one or all of your monthly bills.  The strategy is super simple.   Click the BECOME A VIP CARD HOLDER button at the bottom of this page and pay your $20 monthly membership fee then invite 5 others to join the club within 5 days to qualify for a 100% Check Matching Bonus on the income earned by all of the people you refer.
The Power of 5
* 5 Referrals
* 5 Days
* 5 Levels
* 5 Check Matching Bonuses
* 5 Figures a Month
A. To join the VIP Card Holder Club click the VIP CARD HOLDER link below and pay your $20 monthly fee.
B. Refer a minimum of 5 people within 5 days to qualify for a 100% Check Matching Bonus. This will allow you to earn 5 times more money from your clubs membership.  If you miss your 5 day window to earn your 100% Bonus you will have to refer a minimum of 10 people within 30 days of joining to earn the 100% Check Matching Bonus.
C. We will send you a Metal ZBlackCard Mastercard, a ZLicense Sleeve and a ZPet Tag!
D. Once you have accumulated over $49.95 in your account you can use that money to activate your Metal ZBlackCard or you can also choose to activate it right away once you receive it by clicking on the Activate a Card link and paying the $49.95 Activation Fee.
How To Maximize Your VIP Card Holder Membership
Join for $20 and refer 5 new Card Holders within 5 days of you becoming a VIP Card Holder, then watch the magic happen.
* Your 5 referrals each refer 5 = 25 new Card Holders
* The 25 each refer 5 = 125 new Card Holders
* The 125 each refer 5 = 625 new Card Holders
* The 625 each refer 5 = 3125 new Card Holders
* This Equals 3905 Total New Card Holders
How Does Joining The VIP Card Holder Club Allow You To Earn Over $20,000 Per Month in Residual Income?
A. We pay you $1.00 per month for each VIP Card Holder on your team for 5 generations.
B. So, if 5 VIP Card Holders refer 5 VIP Card Holders for 5 generations you would earn $3,905 per month from your team.
C. In a perfect world this residual income could be generated in as little as 5 weeks.
D. Qualify to earn a 100% Matching Bonus with 5 referrals in your first 5 days.
E. The 5 people you refer do as you do and each earn $3,905 for a total of $19,525.
F. Adding your $3,905 income to the $19,525 Matching Bonus = $23,430 per month.
Why Does Joining The VIP Card Holder Club Work?
A. This works because we have the world's only Ultra Elite Prepaid Metal MasterCard!
B. This works because we have the world's best Elite Rewards Program for our VIP Card Holders and VIP Affiliates!
C. This works because for only $20 you get 3 really great products: ZBlackCard, ZLicense & ZPet Tag, plus you get a chance to position yourself to earn a tremendous residual income!
Step 2. Earn Your Rewards   -   Our Mastercard has over 100k in rewards.
Whether you choose to join as a VIP Card Holder or as an Affiliate you can earn amazing rewards ranging from movie tickets, weekend getaways, shopping sprees, dream vacations and even a $75,000 luxury car.
Elite Rewards
A. Rewards are NOT earned by the amount you use our card.  Rewards are earned by the number of people you successfully invite to become VIP Card Holders.
B. Only one reward can be earned each month and you must be qualified for the next reward the following month.
C. After you earn all of our rewards you are allowed to start over and earn them again for as long as you qualify.
D. All rewards have a cash value and it is the cash value that is added to your card or cards upon qualification for each reward.
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