The Third Thing You Need To Know To Order
If you believe that we have a card that will someday be used by millions of people in addition to becoming a VIP Card Holder you should also become an Affiliate!  It would simply be crazy not to do so.  Remember as a VIP Card Holder you earn $1 on your referrals.  However as an Affiliate you earn an additional $10 on each card holder you refer.  Also as an Affiliate you have the ability to sell our cards through retail stores like Jewelry Stores, Mall Kiosk, Sun Glass Stores, Beauty Salons and other high traffic businesses.
Here's how it works: As an Affiliate you get Credits when you join.  You can also purchase additional credits from the company through your back office.  Your credits allow you to purchase Retail Displays and Retail Sales Certificates from the company.  One credit will get you 2 Retail Displays or 25 Retail Certificates.
Once you have your Retail Displays and your Retail Sales Certificates simply place your Retail Displays into stores.  When customers pay their $10 deposit to the retailer they receive a Retail Sales Certificate containing a 10 digit code that ensures you earn $10 when the customer completes the online portion of their order. &mnsp;If the retailer sells 10 ZBlackCards a week you would earn $100 for the week.  If you had 10 retailers each doing 10 sales a week your income would jump to $1,000 a week.  Our ZBlackCard is an amazing card so by placing displays of it for sale in really cool retail locations we can help millions of people to upgrade the card they purchased from a drugstore.
We suggest you first join as a VIP Card Holder then log into your back office and click on the "Upgrade" button to become an Affiliate.