The First Thing You Need To Know To Order
This is the plan for you if you wish to only save money on fees.  Our prepaid card does not have any of the typical fees you get with other prepaid cards.   When you use a drugstore card the monthly fee of $6 to $10 alone means that you are spending $72 to $120 a year in fees right off the bat.  When you add in customer service fees, point of sale fees, checking your balance fees, statement fees and all of the others fees your annual fees can easily top $240 a year.  You are much better off paying our small annual fee of $49.95 for a ZBlackCard.  Plus our card is made out of metal! Lol
However it is important to understand that people who see your card are going to ask you about it.  You do not earn any income from your referrals.  This means that you could be potentially leaving a small fortune on the table over time.  If you wish to avoid losing money our next plan is a better option.