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The VIP Club
For VIP CARD HOLDERS   -   Vip Card Holders opt into our $20 per month plan in order to qualify for Elite Rewards and Monthly Cash Bonuses.
As a VIP CARD HOLDER you can position yourself to easily earn a monthly income large enough to pay for a Bentley. The strategy is super simple.   Click the Join The Club button at the bottom of this page and pay your $20 monthly membership fee then invite 5 others to join the club within 5 days to qualify for a 100% Check Matching Bonus on the income earned by all of the people you refer.
The Power of 5
+ 5 Referrals
+ 5 Days
+ 5 Levels
+ 5 Check Matching Bonuses
+ 5 Figures a Month

= A Beautiful Bentley
A. Join the club by paying your $20 monthly fee.
B. For 14 days we are going to pay you a 100% Check Matching Bonus on the people you refer. After 14 days if you have not referred a minimum of 5 new VIP Card Club Members your Check Matching Bonus will be terminated. If you reach your 5 referral minimum and you are listed as a Card Holder in our club your chech match will be 50%. If you upgrade to an Affiliate your check match will be 100%. Upgrading to an Affiliate will allow you to earn 5 times more money from your clubs membership. If you miss your 14 day window to earn your Check Match Bonus you will gain it back once you have reached your 5 referral minimums.
C. We will send you a Metal ZBlackCard Mastercard!
D. Once you recieve your card simply click on Activate to activate your Metal ZBlackCard. There is no additional fee needed to activate your card.
How To Maximize Your VIP Club Membership
Join for $20 and refer 5 new Card Holders within 5 days of you becoming a VIP Card Holder, then watch the magic happen.
* Your 5 referrals each refer 5 = 25 new Card Holders
* The 25 each refer 5 = 125 new Card Holders
* The 125 each refer 5 = 625 new Card Holders
* The 625 each refer 5 = 3125 new Card Holders
* This Equals 3905 Total New Card Holders
How Does This Strategy Turn Your $20 Into Over $20,000 Per Month Residual Income?
A. It's easy because we pay you $1.00 for each VIP Card Holder for 5 generations.
B. This means you would earn $3,905 per month on 5 generations of referrals.
C. In a perfect world this residual income could be earned in as little as 5 weeks.
D. Qualify to earn a 100% Matching Bonus with 5 referals in your first 5 days.
E. The 5 people you refer do as you do and each earn $3,905 for a total of $19,525.
F. Adding your $3,905 income to the $19,525 Matching Bonus = $23,430 per month.
Why Does This Strategy Work?
A. This works because we have the world's only Ultra Elite Prepaid Metal MasterCard and people love it!
B. This works because we have the world's best Elite Rewards Program!
C. This works because for only $20 per month you get a really great product: a ZBlackCard Mastercard!
The Final Thing You Need To Understand!
A. If you continue to do the same thing you have done for the past year you are going to get the same results next year! Something has to change. The problem is, change is often very hard!
B. We have made the change very easy to do! Simply change your debit card and change your financial forever. That's it! You can change your debit card right now to our amazing prepaid metal ZBlackCard and completely change your financial future.
C. This change however will not work for everyone! The reason it won't work is because as easy as it is to make the change it's just as easy to NOT MAKE THE CHANGE! You have got ot WANT more out of life for this to work for you.
D. So you have 2 easy choices to make. Easy choice number 1, change your debit card and change your financial future or Easy choice number 2, do nothing and let the next year of your life remain the same as the prior year! Both are super easy choices, which one will you make?
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