14434 Card Holders
Wholesale Metal ZBlackCards
(Can Be Used Anywhere MasterCard is Accepted)
If You Wish To Have The Very Best Branding For Your Company, Organization, Church or Group You Cannot Go Wrong With Our Wholesale Debit Card!
* Amazing Brand Promotion
* Additional Income Source
* Card Has An Account & Routing #
* Saves Everyone Money
* FREE To Transfer Money
* Cash Advance At ANY Bank
* Can Be Used To Pay Everyone
* Made Out Of Heavy Metal
* The Best Card Available ... Period
Having your very own wholesale prepaid debit card made out of metal has never been easier. The steps to start the process are very simple and easy to follow.
Step 1.
Contact us at 832.876.2700 to discuss the details of your wholesale card project.
Step 2.
Send us your logo along with the colors you want for your card design.
Step 3.
For only $200 we will design your card and email it to you for approval.
Step 4.
Once approved we will send you an invoice for the payment.
Step 5.
Please allow up to 4 weeks for your wholesale cards to arrive.
How It Works
Our cards are unique in the prepaid card market because they are made of metal and they do not have all of the fees that normally come with prepaid cards. Instead our card comes with an annual fee. The annual fee can be set so that you earn your card investment back with or without a profit. The choice is yours.
We charge a fee of $25 to issue and mail your cards to your card holders. This fee is often added to the annual fee associated with your card. We work with you to create the fees you wish to charge.
We will replace lost cards for FREE as long as we have your cards in stock.
We do all of our programming in house so we can basically customize your system to fit your needs.
Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your project 832.876.2700.