Q.   What is a ZLicense?
  Q.   Will my Medical Information privacy be compromised?
  Q.   What if I lose my license will someone have access to my medical file?
  Q.   How do I set up my file?
  Q.   What is a ZLicense Kit?
  Q.   I do not have any allergies or health problems; do I still need a ZLicense?
  Q.   What if there are new changes to my Address or my Emergency Contacts' information?
  Q.   How secure is the integrity of my medical information?
  Q.   Will I always be able to access my profile on demand from the internet?
  Q.   Can someone else create a ZLicense file on my behalf?
  Q.   Do I need to inform ZLicense every time I make changes to my online file?
  Q.   As an Affiliate how do I get paid?
  Q.   I have a Business Plan, can I sponsor Affiliates from my level one positions?
  Q.   How long do I have before the money I see in my account is lost if I do not have my 4 customers?