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Let's Take A Closer Look At Our Forex Savings Account
Imagine a company that you could join with a 100% certainty that not only will you earn your money back you could easily earn a substantial profit without ever having to recruit a single person.
Your bank offers you a savings account with a horrendous 2 to 3% return a year. That means that it would take over 35 years for your money to double. Our Forex Savings account can double your money multiple times a year!
Please take a look at this video created by a bank to get a better understanding as to how this works.
When banks issue you a card they invest your money and make millions of dollars and you make nothing. When we issue you a debit card we share up to 45% of the profits we make with you!
This Club Can Change Your Life!
After doing a ton of research on Forex investing I have found that it can provide a way for people to earn a lot of extra income however I think I found a problem. Actually I know I found a really big problem.
First it appears that there are two types of people in the Forex market... Students and Experts.
The students pay the experts to show them the ropes, however the learning curve is very steep and few students ever make it to the point of actually becoming an expert themselves. Students typically lose their money, get frustrated and quit.
In my opinion there is a better way for the experts to help people but they refuse to do so. They can do the trading for those who do not have the skills or time to trade for themselves. After speaking with a number of Expert traders I realized that they were too greedy to trade for others. They feel that if they are doing all of the work they deserve all of the money.
This has left what I believe to be a huge hole in the market and my goal is to fill it for our card owners! I spent the past 24 hours completing software that allows us to manage a Forex Investment Club for our card owners.
Here's how this works.
Step 1.   You supply us with capital ranging from $100 - $10,000. For legal purposes your money is classified as a loan which we guarantee will be repaid to you by no later than the expiration date of your contract.
Step 2.   We issue you a 12 month contract in exchange for your money. ($100 = $100 contract, $5,000 = $5,000 contract) The contract allows you to earn a specific percentage of the profits we generate from our Forex trading account.
Step 3.   When your account grows to 100% of your contract amount we pay you back 100% of your money plus profits.
Step 4.   You will continue to receive 100% payments plus profits from your contract each time your account surpasses 100% of the contract amount until your contract expires. Your money could easily multiply many times over the year.
Step 5.   Each time you send us money for the Forex Savings Club we issue you another 12 month contract for that amount.
Step 6.   The maximum amount of contracts you can have at one time is limited to a total of $10,000.
Step 7.   We will pay you 10% of the initial deposits made by each new Forex Savings Club member you refer.
Step 8.   We do not allow any early withdrawals from your account.
Step 9.   You are allowed to start a new contract when any of your contracts expire within the $10,000 limit.
All withdraw requests will take 10 to 14 days to be processed and added to your ZBlackCard. Any money sent to us to add to the fund will be deposited the next available week. No money can be added or withdrawn during the week. It can only be done at the close of trading that Friday.
You can join the fund with a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $10,000*. Please add $25 to your deposit to cover any fees needed to add the money to the fund.
You MUST have ordered a card in order to participate. If your total Forex Club earnings in the fund is less than $1000 you need to be active in the Silver Rewards program ($20 Monthly). If your total Forex Club earnings is $1000 or more you will need to be active in the Platinum Rewards program ($70 Monthly).
There is no fee on the money you place into the fund. Our trader is only paid on the profits they generate!
We have four ways for you to add money to the fund:
#1 Zelle money to mrtroymason@yahoo.com
Please include your promo code.
#2 Add the money to your ZBlackCard and contact us at 281.886.6509 to collect it.
#3 CashApp# money to $troysmason
Please include your promo code.
#4 PayPal money to troy@ztegrity.com
Please include your promo code.
#5 Send via Bitcoin 3FM4xCvAL6tBxXDxmZUdYRPgpCPLDL7RnV
Please include your promo code.
#6 Mail a cashier's check or money order to Ztegrity 10835 Seaboard Loop Houston, Texas 77099
Please include your promo code.
Credit cards are not accepted.
My Personal Feelings On Our Forex Club
I believe this is a huge opportunity for our card owners. I have always said from the beginning that I had a vision of this becoming a great company and helping a lot of people but I did not know how and when it would happen. This feels like what I seen in my dream 3 years ago.
This is probably the most important statement I have ever made and I'm sure it will surprise some people. As you can see we are adding a new service for our ZBlackCard owners. The service we are adding is the ability to earn money from the Forex market without having to learn how to trade.
Over time we have tried to add many benefits for our card owners, some were stupid ideas, some were good ideas and a few were brilliant ideas.
This has a massive appeal to people interested in making money in the Forex industry but do not have the time or desire to go through the massive learning curve. I predict that 95% of people fall into this category.
So here's our plan:
Step1.   I have instructed our Forex trader to be super conservative with your money the first 3 days of the week.
Step2.   I have instructed our Forex trader to be super aggressive with 75% of the profits generated on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
The results of this strategy is your principle money should be safe and only the profits should be at risk to go after bigger profits. I want to keep all of our risks to a minimum.
The goal is steady growth most weeks with a few weeks of knocking it out of the park!
All of the money is in one account so if you lose money I lose money and the traders are only paid on the profits they generate.
Now listen close!!!!!! The Forex Club will not make you rich! It is not designed to do that. It is designed to make you more money than you are currently earning with your bank, however you could lose money so never place more money in the club than you can afford to lose. Period! Also after you earn your principle investment back I think you should withdraw it and on use your profits to make more money. Don't get greedy!
All the Forex Club has to do is consistently go up in value from week to week. I want to make it clear that this is not a get rich quick thing!
The real money to be made here will come from our card not the Forex Club. When people see you earning more money through our Forex Club than they are getting from their bank they are going to choose to join us.
To join us they must first become card owners. The real fortune to be made is in us amassing hundreds of thousands if not millions of active card owners.
Our compensation plan is designed for you to profit from the growth of our card owners!
When we hit 50,000 card owners I'm going to give away my black Bentley GTC to one of the card owners that invited at least 25 new card owners through our BrandUCards.com website.
By the time we reach 100,000 card owners a number of you will be rich and by the time we reach 1 million card owners a number of you will be wealthy.
That's simply how the numbers work.
We have a very powerful opportunity to help a lot of people with a very simple idea.
It's time to make this happen!