From The Owner
Troy Mason
Hello my name is Troy Mason and I am the owner of Ztegrity.  My goal is to use network marketing to build a distribution system for the products that I have created over the years.
I am not a network marketer by trade;  I am really just a simple businessman. There are things I like about network marketing and there are things that I hate. So being the natural problem solver that I am, I set out to fix the things I hate.
I know that I think differently than most people this is why I feel it is important for me to fully explain what I am doing so that there is no confusion.
At first look you may think of our debit card as the same as other debit cards and that would be a SUPER HUGE mistake.
Trust me if you wanted a card made out of gold plated stainless steel you could not pick it up at your local bank or a drugstore! You would have to order it online from or and it would cost you $250 plus you would have to send them a card you already own for them to make you a card.
There are people who have suggested that a debit card is not a product. However the fact remains that if you want a heavy gold plated charge card it would cost you more than $250 to buy one. I'm still trying to figure out how something that costs $250 could not be a product?
Any way you can get one of our cards which include a MasterCard or Visa account for under $100. Our cards will easily out perform any card you can purchase from a drugstore. So not only is our gold plated card a product, it's an amazing product that you will absolutely love.
The vast majority of our cards are purchased by people who are only customers, this means that they do not wish to participate in our compensation plan. We even supply cards for companies and organizations as well. None of this would be possible if our cards did not provide real value to customers.
Even our VIP and Auto Rewards cards are a great value in the ultra elite card market. When it comes to ultra elite cards they are expensive. For example the Visa Gold Card has an annual fee of $995 and the American Express Black Card has a fee of $2,500 per year. That's a lot of money for a card but people are willing to pay it because of the rewards and perks they can earn as card holders. Our VIP and Auto Rewards Cards are no different.
Some people have also suggested that we could not price our cards like elite credit cards because those ultra elite cards are not prepaid cards.
Well the American Express Black Card is not a credit card at all; it is actually a Charge Card. You have to pay the balance off each month. The people who I really find funny are the ones who say "Why would anyone buy an expensive debit card when they can get one for free?" My answer to those people would be the same reason people spend over a thousand dollars for a reward card when they can get a regular card for free.
So it really doesn't matter whether it's a prepaid card, a credit card or a charge card, some people are willing to pay more for better quality and service. To sum it up, there will always be people who purchase the cheapest product available while others prefer to own the highest quality available.
All we did was create a very high quality card with great rewards for the 99% of the people who could never qualify for the other elite rewards cards.
Our card is just as impressive as any card in the world! When you toss it on the table or counter to make a purchase the sound it makes screams quality. To compare our card to a drugstore card would be like comparing a Rolls Royce to a Pinto. Our card is much better in every aspect!
One final thought; when it comes to compliance issues please do not judge us only on our ZBlackCard, we have multiple products that we have created and all of them are just as amazing as our card.
To make it easy for our VIP and Auto Reward Card Holders to afford their annual fee we broke it up into monthly payments and we bundled their card with our ZLicense Medical Sleeve.
Our amazing ZLicense Medical Sleeve product has a $20 monthly fee, so placing it in the bundle actually covers the monthly fee of our VIP card. We also place 3 ZLicense Medical Sleeves into the $50 per month Auto Rewards Bundle to cover that monthly fee as well.
What's important to note is that the closer you look at what we are really doing as a company you will find that we do a whole lot more than provide debit cards; we have a host of great products that you can learn more about on our website. Plus each product in our portfolio has its own website. Check them out.
Our business strategy is simple; but very clever; we use our gold plated cards to get people's attention because people like shiny things! Lol After they become customers or Affiliates we introduce our other products to them over time.
As a businessman I learned long ago that it is much easier to sell a product to someone who is already a customer than it is to sell to a stranger.
This is a business strategy that will always work, even in network marketing.  I again am simply trying to change all of the stuff I hate about network marketing!
So if you see that I have made a mistake in my efforts to help people please don't get mad at me or try to destroy the company, simply contact me at 832.876.2700 so we can fix it and move on. I want to get this right! I believe that together we can really help a lot of people. As I stated at the beginning I'm just a simple businessman, not a network marketer so I'm smart enough to realize that I really need some help to make this work!