The third thing you need to know before you join.
If you wish to participate in our Auto Rewards Program use this link to order your metal card then refer a minimum of 5 people who in turn are willing to do the same.  After they each refer 5 people your Auto Allowance will be over $700 per month. That should cover the cost of your current car.
You will have enough auto allowance to cover your dream car payment when each of your level 3 card holders refers their 5.  At this point you will be earning over $4,000 per month in auto allowance.
$4,000 a month is enough to drive your dream car and pay for the insurance.  Also your credit will not matter because as long as you can show a couple of months of qualifying income we have a dealership that will put you into virtually any car you want.
So in conclusion: What is your dream car?
And: Would you be willing to spend $50 per month to drive it? If your answer is YES then order your card here today to turn your dream of driving a great car into a goal to drive a great car.
Get started today.