One of the most powerful programs we offer is WiFi Cinema! It can rapidly help you to build a six figure per month residual income. Our new WiFi Cinema TV Service is a full replacement for cable and satellite TV service.
It provides HD access to every live TV channel you could ever wish to watch. You no longer have to pay super high TV bills to get HBO, Showtime, The Movie Channel, Starz or Pay Per View Movies. You will also have 100% access to channels like ESPN, BET, OWN, CNN, FOX, CBS, ABC, Discovery, SYFY, The History Channel, Comedy Central, MSNBC and everything else you can imagine.
You get all of this at virtually half the price of cable. Included with the service is all of the NFL and NBA games in HD and as an added bonus you will get to see any pay per view fight in full HD.
This service is beyond amazing!
Customers go to your website to place their order. You earn a residual income of $2 per month no matter which plan they choose. Your residual income can add up really fast because you earn it for 5 levels of customers.
So if you have a home party and 10 people make the decision to subscribe you would earn $20 per month in residual on level 1 of your unilevel.
If the 10 level 1 people each have a party and sign up 10 new people you will have 100 people on level 2 of your unilevel which would increase your monthly residual to over $200 per month.
When the level 2 people do the same you end up with 1,000 people on level 3 of your unilevel increasing your income to over $2,000 per month.
When the level 3 people do the same your income could jump to over $20,000 from the 10,000 new people.
When the 10,000 people on level 4 of your unilevel do the same by having a home party with 10 sales your income explodes to over $200,000 per month. Wow!
Now for the really cool part, you also earn 100% Matching Bonus on everyone you sponsored on level 1 of your unilevel. This means that if you sponsored 10 people with your home party you would earn money every time any of them earned a dollar. If they all 10 people earned $1,000 each for the month your Matching Bonus would be $10,000!
To order your service as an Affiliate go to your retail website and order. After you have ordered your service contact us and we will send you information so that you can immediately add the service to your cell phone, laptop or tablet. This allows you to begin demonstrating the service right away.